What is Pristine?
The dictionary definition of “Pristine” implies clean, pure, and uncontaminated. In reality, that’s exactly how Pristine fabric keeps your pillow and bedding … clean and uncontaminated from dust, dust mites and their associated allergens. The real innovation is in combining the performance of the fabric with washable comfort, softness, quietness, and true “breathability.”


How does Pristine work?
Pristine fabrics are made of very, very tightly woven yarns — woven so closely that dust mites and allergens cannot pass through. However, air and moisture vapor easily penetrate the fabric. If you’re using Pristine covers over your old pillow, the dust mites and allergens stay inside.


Does Pristine repel dust mites?
No. There are no chemicals applied to Pristine that ward off dust mites. You might think of Pristine as a soft, comfortable filter fabric. It filters out contaminants, while keeping your sleeping surface drier and more comfortable.


What if you already have plastic covers on your pillows?
Why should you replace them with Pristine covers? The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no plastic “rattling” noise to wake you. Since air and moisture vapor can pass through Pristine, you’ll remain drier and more comfortable while sleeping.

How long does my Pristine pillow’s effectiveness last?
Pristine fabrics are very durable. They do not lint or pill. With proper care, Pristine, and the protection it provides, will last as long as the pillow it covers.


Since Pristine fabrics are not air tight, are they still as protective as laminates?
Yes, Pristine fabrics are as effective as films or laminates. The yarns woven into Pristine fabrics are packed as tightly as possible so that small particles can not pass through — but air and moisture vapor can!


Plastic pillow covers make me sweat. What about Pristine?
Pristine fabrics allow cooling air flow through your pillow. They also allow your body’s moisture vapor to escape through the sleeping surface. Plastic and vinyl covers do not.


Has Pristine been tested to show that it works?
Yes. Pristine has been tested in the Departments of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology at two leading Colleges of Medicine. Both found the same result: Pristine is an effective barrier to dust, dust mites and associated allergens that can cause allergic symptoms among sufferers of asthma, rhinitis and related respiratory problems.

How should I care for my Pristine bedding?
Pristine fabrics can be washed and tumble dried using Normal and Permanent Press cycles. Non-chlorine bleaches are recommended, although there should be no need for bleaches in cleaning Pristine fabrics. Quite simply, Pristine fabrics can be laundered as often as desired, along with your sheets, pillow cases, and other bedding items.


Can you use your own pillow with Pristine covers?
Of course! Just as Pristine provides a barrier to dust mites that try to get inside your pillow, they also stop dust mites that try to escape.


Where can I get Pristine pillows and covers?
Products containing Pristine fabrics are sold through major home healthcare stores and specialty catalogs, or through national allergy-relief supply companies. If you have trouble finding Pristine products, call a Pristine sales representative at Precision Fabrics Group, Inc., toll free at 1-(888) 733-5759.

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